How To Use SQR


This article will cover how to deliver/whitelist an email from your daily spam quarantine report. Please keep in mind by default you will only be able to deliver/whitelist emails that are quarantined due to infomail or spam. If it is blocked due to content or virus please contact your IT Support provider.


  • A daily spam quarantine report with a email you would like to deliver/whitelist

The Process

Once you have opened the daily spam quarantine report email, you can either click Deliver or Whitelist. Deliver will send the email to you within 5 minutes, please note if you click the Deliver button 5 times it will send the email to you 5 times.

Allow will deliver the email as well as add that address to your personal whitelist. If after you have done this the sender tries to email you a blocked attachment or email with a virus that will still be blocked. If you would like to receive all attachments from a particular address you will need to contact your IT support provider.