How To Upload A PST Into Outlook Backup


This article will cover how you can upload a PST into Outlook Backup, assign it to a mailbox and restore the data into that mailbox.


The Process

  • Log into your Partner Portal
  • Expand the Customer Accounts Menu on the left
  • Select Active Accounts
  • Click Login next to the Customer
  • Click on the Services Menu then Outlook Backup

  • Click Backup

  • On the right hand side it will give you the FTP details you will need

  • Enter the details into the FTP client then drag and drop the PSTs in the sub folder of the Customer you want to upload the PST to
  • After the file is uploaded you will be able to see the file there, click Assign and choose the mailbox to assign it to
  • Click Restore
  • Tick the backup to Restore
  • Click Restore