How To Setup LDAPS With Azure Active Directory


This article will cover configuring MPmail LDAPs to connect to Azure Active Directory.


  • MPmail Customer
  • A paid version of Azure Active Directory Domain Services
  • All tasks on this link completed
  • The external IP address provided by completing the tasks on the link above
  • Username and password of an Azure admin account
  • The Azure server details

The Process

First if you haven't completed the tasks in the requirements above, go to this link and complete all tasks.

Completing this will provide you with:

  • An external IP-Address which can be used to access the service
  • User name and password of an admin account
  • Server details

Within Azure AD make sure you have added the following IPs to the exceptions:


To setup the LDAP sync in MPmail:

  • Go to Management tab
  • Click on the Customer you want to setup LDAP for
  • Go to the LDAP Connection tab
  • Tick LDAP Connection Activated
  • Fill in the details down to the Base DN using the information you gathered above

  • Click on the User/Group Synchronization tab
  • Tick the top two boxes
  • Fill out the details of the attributes you want to search on under LDAP attributes
  • Click Test
  • If you receive too few or too many Groups/Users during testing, then please adjust the LDAP filter

  • Go back to Control Panel Login tab
  • Tick the top two boxes to activate password Sync
  • Run a Login test
  • Click Save