How To Set A Compliance Filter Rule


This article will go through how to write a compliance filter rule. Compliance filter rules are used to allow various emails through that are getting quarantined due to Infomail/Spam/Virus/Content.


  • A Partner/Customer Admin level account
  • The details of the Email you want to allow in the future. Here you will need a combination of Sender Email address, Recipient Email Address, Extension of the file type you want to allow, IP of the mail server.

The Process

  • Log into the MPmail portal as your admin account
  • Go to Management tab
  • Go to Email tab then Compliance Filter

  • Click to Activate the Compliance filter if it is not already done
  • Click Add
  • Select the Direction, either Inbound or Outbound depending on what you want to change
  • Tick the box next to the field(s) you want to fill out. Please use the Compliance_Filter_Examples.docx as a guide for what you should enter in these fields. 
  • Choose the Action you want to happen to any Emails matching the Compliance Filter rule
  • Click Save