How To Run and View An ATP Scan


This article will cover how you can run an ATP scan from the Workspace as well as view the report that is generated after the scan is complete.


  • An MPmail Customer
  • Partner level login to MPmail Control Panel
  • ATP actived on the Customer
  • An email with Attachment(s) to scan
  • Details of the email you want to scan

The Process

  • Log into MPmail Control Panel as your Partner account
  • Make sure you are on the Workspace tab
  • Select the Customer you want to run a scan for
  • Search for the email

  • Click the magnifying glass in the ATP-Scan column
  • Click Perform ATP Scan on the pop-up that appears

  • The ATP Scan icon will change

  • Click on the changed Icon, it will pop-up a new window, click on the file link in the window to view the report

  • If the report is not complete the page will refresh every 30 seconds until it has finished the analysis. Once complete you will see similar to the following