How To Revert A Project


This article will cover what the revert feature is as well as how to revert a project or folder to a previous version. Please note that reverting a project will change the files back to the state they were in at the time selected.


  • Workplace customer
  • Project Owner of the project or folder
  • At least one previous version of the project or folder

The Process

The revert feature allows you to revert a project or folder to a previous state. All files with a previous version will change to the version that existed at the time you selected to revert to. If a file is constantly updated you may need to go into Previous Versions on that file after the revert and change it to the most up to date version.

  • In a list view, right-click the project or folder and select Manage > Previous Versions.
  • In a detail view, click the More button, then select Manage > Previous Versions.
  • Use the Previous/Next buttons to choose the version you want to Revert to
  • Click Actions
  • Select Revert

If after the revert is complete it is not the correct date you can go back into Previous Versions to select a different date then run the Revert again.

After starting the Revert you will get a Task Progress Bar at the bottom of the portal window where you will be able to track the progress.


I want to revert Project A with files 1, 2, 3 and 4 in it to 9am on July 1st.

File 1 was updated on June 25th, July 3rd and July 7th

File 2 was updated on June 20th and July 1st at 8:50am

File 3 was updated on June 15th, July 1st at 10am, July 3rd, July 7th and July 10th.

File 4 was created June 30th and updated July 10th

The revert will have the following once it is complete:

File 1 version will be June25th

File 2 version will be July 1st

File 3 will be June 15th

File 4 will be June 30th