How To Provision the Advanced Signature and Disclaimer Tool


This article will cover what you will need to do to get the Advanced Signature and Disclaimer tool provisioned for your Customer.

Please note you must have LDAP (Azure LDAPs through Office 365 will work here) enabled in the MPmail portal for this to work. If you have MPexchange please contact who will be able to set this up for you.


  • MPmail Customer
  • Partner level credentials
  • LDAP setup and working
  • Outbound smarthost on Exchange server pointed to go through MPmail

The Process

  • Log into the MPmail Control Panel
  • Go to your Management tab
  • Select the Customer
  • Click on LDAP connection tab
  • Make sure this is activated and filled in correctly
  • Click on the last tab called Advanced Signature a...
  • Tick both boxes
  • Click Save

  • Log into the Advanced Signature and Disclaimer Portal with your Partner Credentials. This will not be an email address it will be the name you see your Customers under in the Management tab of MPmail
  • Click on the drop down to select your Customer
  • Tick the Activate Advanced Email Signature and Disclaimer box

  • If you want a single signature for all users then click on Default. Otherwise you will need to create a Group in MPmail. You can use How To Create A Group and Assign Users on how to do this. You would then type that Group name into the box on the left then select it, only users in that Group would then have the signature you create.

  • Once you have selected the Group on the left you will get the ability to create a Disclaimer and/or a Signature

  • Click the plus next to either to open up the WYSIWIG editor
  • Create your Signature then click Preview and select a User to see it. Once you are happy with it click to make it Active then Save

  • Click Back then type the name of the Signature you created into the Disclaimer/Signature box
  • Select it then click Save

Please note that the Disclaimer/Signature will take an hour to apply.