How To Provision MPmail


This article will show you step-by-step how to create a new MPmail customer. We will cover both the Control Panel way of doing it and in Converge, please note if you need access to Converge portal contact


  • A valid Partner account on either Control Panel or Converge
  • Primary and alias domains
  • The number of users (this is live bodies not email addresses)
  • The IP/Hostname of the mail server

The Process

Creating a new Customer in MPmail Control Panel

  • Go to the Management Tab
  • Click on your Partner Name
  • Click on the Blue person in the bottom left hand corner

  • In the pop-up window enter your customers Top Level domain (do not worry about aliases we'll get to that later), and an email address (this can be anything you want). If you want the client to be able to log in as themselves to manage it then set a password and set the Status to Activated instead of Unconfirmed.

  • Tick the Activate Email Filtering box
  • Select Premium Filtering (this is for both MPMUA and MPMUD)
  • Enter the number of Users (this is the number of people at the client not email addresses). If you forget to enter this please email and with the correct number of users.
  • IP/Hostname will be the hostname or IP address of your customers Exchange server. By default we will deliver on port 25 if you want to change this put in a colon and then the port number. If you have multiple addresses you can set preference with a # after the address and each IP/Hostname is entered after a semi-colon.
  • If you want to use the Outbound Smarthost to send through us please tick the Outgoing Relay box and enter the clients Exchange server IP address. If you have multiple addresses here, break then up with a comma, please do not put a space before or after the comma. If you are using Office 365 or Google Apps please enter
  • Click Save

  • Once it has been created you will need to click on your partner name to get it to appear in your list.

Alias Domains

  • To add alias domains click on the Customer in your list under Management
  • Click on the Domains tab
  • Enter the alias Domain(s)
  • Click Add
  • Click Save

MPMail Ultimate Access

If you are wanting to provision MPMail Ultimate Defense, please skip to the Manage Protect Defaults section.

  • Click on the Customer under Management
  • Click on Email tab
  • Click on Continuity Service
  • Tick the box Continuity Service, stores clean emails for 3 months
  • Select the Radio button for All Users
  • Click Save

If you do this in error or want to change to MPMUD in the future, please contact with the customers domain.

Manage Protect Defaults 

  • Click on the Customer under Management
  • Click on Email tab
  • On the Filtering tab un-tick Activate Infomail Filter.
  • Click Save
  • Go to the Spam Report tab
  • Turn on Whitelist for both Infomail and Spam
  • Tick Virus and Content so they show on the Report
  • Select either MP SQR or your own branded spam report template (if you do not have a branded template and want one review this article for what you need to supply and then please send to
  • Tick and untick Deactivated to the get the times to show up. Tick all days then when you want to send the spam reports.
  • Go to Content Filter
  • Set the Max Email size to 200000
  • Make sure cut the attachment and inform the receiver is selected
  • Tick Forbid encrypted attachments
  • Ensure that .docmacro, .xlsmacro and .executable are entered in the Forbidden attachments
  • Click Save

Creating a new Customer in Converge

If this is a Customer that has no services with Manage Protect, you will need to read How To Add New Customer first.

  • Log into Converge
  • Click on Services
  • Find the Customer in All Customers either by scrolling or search using the Customer.. field

  • Click on the Customer name
  • Select MPmail from the drop down

  • Enter the primary domain
  • Click Create

  • Add any alias domains by clicking New next to Domain
  • Enter the billable Users
  • Choose the product MPmail Ultimate Access
  • Choose your Relay Check
  • Tick to Enable Spam Report
  • Tick to Enable Content Filtering
  • Tick Configure Infomail then turn it off
  • Enter your mail server IPs and ports (if different from 25). You can change the order by clicking and dragging them, the top will always be highest priority
  • Enter your Outbound IPs, order here does not matter
  • Click Save