How To Provision Workplace


This article will cover how you provision a new customer in your reseller portal, through your Signup URL or Converge.


  • A Workplace reseller account
  • Customer Name
  • Email address for an admin account
  • Number of seats needed
  • A Converge Admin or User account

The Process

Reseller Portal

  • Click Create New Team

  • Enter the details of the customer and choose if you want a 30 day trial by clicking the tick box

  • If you would like to Create a Team Admin you can fill out the details as well, this will send that person an email to log in
  • Click Create Team

Signup URL

To get this link log into the reseller portal then do the following:

  • Click Teams
  • Click Show Signup URL

  • A box will pop-up with your unique URL

You can then send this link to a Customer for them to fill out which will create a 14 day trial under your reseller.


If this is a Customer that has no services with Manage Protect, you will need to read How To Add New Customer first.

  • Log into Converge
  • Click on Services
  • Find the Customer in All Customers either by scrolling or search using the Customer.. field

  • Click on the Customer name
  • Select Workplace from the drop down
  • Choose the product, Pro or Enterprise
  • Add any additional Users, Connections or Storage
  • Click Create