How To Create A User - Manual/LDAP


This article will guide you through how to manually create users as well as setup LDAP


  • A Partner/Customer admin level account
  • The user email address you want to create
  • The details of your server for LDAP if you want to set that up 

The Process

Manual Setup

If you have left the default settings then users will be created when they receive more than 2 clean emails in a 24 hour period. If you want to manually create users you can do the following: 

  • Login into the MPMail Control Panel
  • Go to Management tab
  • Click on the Customer you wish to create a user for
  • Click on the Postboxes tab
  • Type the users email address and select the domain
  • Set a password if you want them to be able to login
  • Click Add
  • Click Save

If you want to use the Import feature, it is best to paste the information into the box using the following format:


Each user will then go on a new line, once you have entered the users click Import.

Note when adding a user manually wait 5 minutes before trying to log in so it can replicate. If using Email Continuity that 5 minutes will be 30 minutes for the account to activate for that service.

LDAP Setup

You can also setup LDAP with your Active Directory to pull the users and sync their passwords. To do this use the following instructions:

  • Go to Management tab
  • Click on the Customer you want to setup LDAP for
  • Go to the LDAP Connection tab
  • Tick LDAP Connection Activated
  • Fill in the details down to the Base DN

  • Click on the User/Group Synchronization tab
  • Tick the top two boxes
  • Fill out the details of the attributes you want to search on under LDAP attributes
  • Click Test
  • If you receive too few or too many Groups/Users during testing, then please adjust the LDAP filter

  • Go back to Control Panel Login tab
  • Tick the top two boxes to activate password Sync
  • Run a Login test
  • Click Save