How To Create A MPexchange Mailbox


This article will cover how you create a new MPexchange mailbox after setting up the Customer.


  • A Partner level log in to the MPexchange Portal
  • The MPexchange Customer you want to add the mailbox to
  • The Display Name, Email Address and Password you want to setup

The Process

  • Log into your Partner Portal
  • Expand the Customer Accounts Menu on the left
  • Select Active Accounts
  • Click Login next to the Customer you want to create a mailbox for
  • Click on the Services Menu then Mailboxes


  • Click Create User
  • Fill out the details of the User you want to create
  • Here you can either click Create and confirm or you can choose Add another user if you are creating multiples. Please note once you get to 10 users we would suggest you create otherwise it can take some time.
  • You can choose to send the email of the created user to anyone you want by changing the Send Passwords to field