How To Brand Workplace Desktop/Mobile/Online/Emails - Reseller Level


This article will cover how you can brand various platforms within the Workplace reseller account.

Please note that this is not available under April 7th when all Partners are moved to the new reseller panel.


  • A Workplace Reseller account
  • 1 x Square (256 x 256) and 1 x Rectangular (168 x 98) Logo that you want to use for branding

The Process

  • Log into your Workplace reseller account
  • Click on the  icon then select Workplace Branding

  • You can set your defaults at the top for the various Platforms
    • Rectangular logo - Displayed in Workplace Online, Desktop and Emails
    • Square logo - Displayed in Workplace Mobile and Linked Teams

  • To override the defaults use the options down the left hand side for each individual platform

  • Once you are done click Save

This will apply across all your Customers unless you individually set their own Branding under Configuration.