How Do I Release An Email From Quarantine - User level


This article will cover how a user can check and release their own quarantine, change their settings and add to the Safe/Blocked Senders.


  • A Business365 Email Address and Password

The Process

To manage your Quarantine and personal Safe/Blocked Senders, do the following:

  • Go to the Account Settings portal
  • Make sure that you are on the My Services tab
  • Enter the User email address and password

  • Click on Email Protection
  • Select Manage Quarantine email

Once in the Quarantine, you will be able to view/release messages, manage your Safe and Blocked Senders as well as change your settings.

In Quarantine you will see the following options:

  • View - Will allow the End User to view any quarantined Email. Web links and images will not appear in the preview
  • Allow - Will release the selected Email(s) to the End Users Inbox
  • Always allow - Will release the selected Email(s) and add the sender(s) to the Safe Senders list
  • Block - Will add the Sender to the Blocked Senders list
  • Delete - Will permanently delete the Email from quarantine

The Safe and Blocked Senders tab will allow you to search/view/add/remove the addresses you have marked as Safe or Blocked.

The Settings tab will allow you to make changes to the delivery of the Daily/Weekly Quarantine Reports.