How To Create A Site


This article will show you how to create a site and assign DNS licences to it in your Global Site Manager portal.


  • A valid admin level log in to the GSM portal
  • Name of the Customer that you want to create a site for
  • Enough available licences to add to the site
  • The public IP(s) of the Customer you want to create

The Process

You will have a single portal that contains all your customers, these will be called sites. To create a new site do the following:

  • Log into your GSM portal
  • Click on the Sites tab
  • Click Add Site

  • Fill in the details and assign the amount of licences the Customer will need in Site Seats
  • The billing date does not matter as we will provide our standard billing
  • Click Next
  • Click Next on Site Permissions
  • Choose whether you would like to include the current global policies and overrides
  • Click Finish

If you have MPweb DNS you will have another tab here to add DNS for the site. To do this

  • Tick the box next to Enable SecureAnywhere DNS
  • Enter the IP(s) of your Customer (you can add more IP entries by clicking the plus on the far right)
  • Select the DNS Policy from the drop down
  • Click Finish