File Locking on Mac - Smart Badge


This article will cover the smart badge feature on the Mac Workplace Desktop Agent.


  • A Workplace Customer
  • A Mac with the Workplace Agent installed

The Process

Smart Badge is an interactive badge that is displayed when opening a Microsoft Office document synced via Workplace.

Smart Badge offers the following functionality:

  • Displays file lock status
  • Smart-lock which automatically locks and unlocks files
  • Manual file locking and unlocking
  • File locking notifications, when other users lock or unlock the file
  • File conflict management

When you open a Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint document in a support version of Microsoft Office, the Smart Badge will be displayed in the form of an icon indicating the status of the file. Clicking on the Smart Badge will show further information and options, dependant on the current state of the file.

Smart Badge remains affixed to the edge of the active window - you can simply drag and drop it to move a different location on the edge of the window to ensure that it doesn't get in the way of your work.

By default, files will automatically lock when starting to edit the file and will automatically unlock when the file is closed.