Email Rejected - Message Size Limit Error - Change Exchange Limits


This article will cover how to change the Message size limits on the Customers Exchange server


  • Access to Powershell on the Customers Exchange server


If you would like to set your Exchange size limits to allow larger emails please use the following powershell script.

get-transportconfig | Set-TransportConfig -maxsendsize 100MB -maxreceivesize 100MB; get-receiveconnector | set-receiveconnector -maxmessagesize 100MB; get-sendconnector | set-sendconnector -maxmessagesize 100MB; get-mailbox | Set-Mailbox -Maxsendsize 100MB -maxreceivesize 100MB

Please note that this will set your Exchange to allow up to 100MB emails, if you want to set lower just change all the values in the above to a lesser number.