Email Not Received - Rejected Display Filter


A client has not received an email and it is not appearing in Workspace under the Adopted tab.


  • A Partner/Customer admin level login
  • Details of the Email that has not been received (Date/Time, Sender, Recipient, Subject line)

Troubleshooting Steps

  • Set the date to be the entire Month first
  • Use wildcard entries and search for the part of the subject line e.g. *hello*
  • Set the Display Filter to rejected. Once you do this you will need to go day by day as the logs are only kept for 7 days for the Rejected filter. You will not be able to search via subject line in here so you will need to check the Date/Time, the sender and the recipient.

If the Email appears in Rejected then please go to Solution below, if not continue with this troubleshooting:

  • Verify the MX records are set correctly for the recipient
  • Check your Exchange server mail flow logs to see if the email has been sent directly to the server
  • Ask the sender if they received a bounce back
  • Email the sender as a test and get them to reply to see if the message comes through.


If the email your customer is missing appears in the Rejected Display filter, please ask the sender to follow the procedure in the automated email we will have sent them (bounce back). 

The bounce back alerts the sender to the rejection itself. It has an embedded link which they can use to request their de-listing from our blacklist and subsequent email delivery. This delisting request process is usually completed within 1-2 hours (at the latest). This service is available from us on a 24/7 basis.

There is no function to Whitelist the sender if they are being blocked by our system, the most likely reason for this is the sender would have been blacklisted for sending spam.