Renewing your MPN with Microsoft

If you are getting order errors or delays when placing an order, and it seems like the license is not provisioning or adjusting correctly, then it is highly probable that your Microsoft Partner Network Agreement ('MPN') has expired. The agreement needs to be renewed annually with Microsoft in order to keep your status with Microsoft active.

Renewal takes just a few minutes, however you need to be aware that the renewal of your MPN does not instantly update across various Microsoft systems including Converge. You need to allow 24 hours for that status to update. Until then, all orders will fail. This is not Manage Protect having the issue, but the CSP order interface at Microsoft which is rejecting orders because it has not seen the MPN renewal yet.

Check your MPN

You can check your MPN validity status by logging into with the Organisation Admin of your MPN agreement. Note this is generally not the Global Admin user of your own tenancy, but a Microsoft Account (formerly 'Windows Live' account). 

Once logged in, you will be shown your Primary/HQ agreement. Note that you may actually have a Secondary/Child agreement configured for your CSP Agreement with rhipe. You need to check the 'Organisation Partner ID' listed in the above screenshot with your MPN ID on file with rhipe. You can see the MPN on file with rhipe on the Order Confirmation emails from Prime Portal.

If they do not match, you will need to drop-down the Location box and select the MPN agreement rhipe has on file. Once it does match and the membership renewal date has expired, you have two choices.

  1. Straight renewal: click on the blue 'Renew' button (above).

  2. Adjust your competencies first: Select the Competency Summary link from the Requirements and Assets menu at the top of the page, and then click the blue Re-Enroll button on the right side of the Manage Competencies page -

You may meet the requirements for Silver or Gold Membership with Microsoft, however a fee is generally payable for these levels. You will get a larger amount of Internal Usage Rights licenses under Office 365, and better support from Microsoft during escalations as it is directed to a specialist team of support engineers for Silver/Gold members.

Next, review and update your organization profile. You'll be prompted to confirm your company's current profile, or update it as needed. When done reviewing and updating, click the Next button at the bottom of the page.

Next, you will be prompted to accept and sign the legal agreement.

Finally, you will need to pay any annual renewal fee. Generally this applies to Silver or Gold competency partners. First select the company's location, then select the renewal level and follow the payment instructions.

Again, please be reminded that this will require 24 hours from renewal for the MPN to update within the CSP program at Microsoft, and you will then be able to place orders.

If you are having issues with renewing your MPN, we are unable to assist as a third-party to the agreement. You can log a Microsoft Partner support case directly with Microsoft