How To Restore As A Partner


Brief description of what the article is here for


What the Partner/Customer will need to be able to complete the steps, for example

  • An admin level login
  • The MParchive Outlook plug-in

The Process

  • Log into your Endpoint Backup Manager
  • Click on Teams tab

  •  Select the Customer you want to find the Team key for by clicking on it
  • Click Manage Team in the top right

  • Go to Teams > Devices
  • Select the Device by clicking on it

Restore Top Level Folder

  • If you want to restore a top level folder click the Restore button

  • Select the folder you want to restore
  • Click Restore

  • Choose the Device to Restore it to. This can be any Device with the Agent installed and Online

  • Click Continue to initiate the Restore

Restore Individual Item

  • Click on the folder that the item is in under Backup Status

  • Select the checkbox next to the file
  • Choose Download to have it on the device you are using, Restore to choose a Device to restore it to or previous versions if you like to see/restore an old version of the file. Please see How Backups Work for details on versioning