Backup365 OneDrive/SharePoint Beta: What currently can and can't be backed up?

Thank you for your continued involvement in the Backup365 OneDrive/SharePoint beta program.

This article will be updated throughout the course of the beta program to provide a list of the features currently available for OneDrive and SharePoint backup, in addition to the features due to be added.

As of the launch of the beta program:


  • continuous automatic backup of document lists in SharePoint and OneDrive sites
  • manual restoration of SharePoint and OneDrive sites

Coming soon:

  • continuous automatic backup of: 
    • list views
    • form views
    • item histories
    • role permissions
    • site configuration
  • whole site, and individual item restoration requests via the Converge portal
  • automatic discovery of new SharePoint and OneDrive sites for backup
  • text search

We'll be sure to notify you when new features become live. For any feedback please don't hesitate to send it through to with the subject line "Beta Feedback" and we'll ensure your comments are taken into consideration.