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Business365 Provisioning

Last Updated: Sep 06, 2017 12:47PM AEST
To provision Business365 you will need a Partner Account for the portal, it can be accessed at:

Please contact if you do not have a Partner account (please note if you have MPexchange customers it is the same Portal).

Once you have logged in as your Partner account do the following:
  • Click Create New Account
  • Fill Out the Details and click Next. Note that the Account Name cannot have spaces in it.

  • Select the 2016 Exchange plan
  • Click Next
  • Fill out the billing details
  • Click Next
  • Click Activate Account

This will create the initial Exchange Customer, you will then log into this account by clicking the Get Started button:

You will need to add the full featured Email Protection first, to do this:
  • Click on the Services Menu then select Email Protection Lite

  • On the left hand side select Upgrade to Email Protection
  • Then click Upgrade to Email Protection button and confirm when it asks you to

Once you have done this you will need to add your Customers Primary and Alias domains. To do this:
  • Click on Services Menu then Domains

  • Enter each Domain you want to add in the Domain name field and click Add. If you tick the box called Excluded, when you add a new domain it will not automatically add that domain as an alias email address on each mailbox.

  • After adding the domains use the Default column radio button to choose your Primary domain and click Save

Next you will need to add Mailboxes, to do this:
  • Click on the Services Menu then Mailboxes

  • Click Create User
  • Fill out the details of the User you want to create
  • Here you can either click Create and confirm or you can choose Add another user if you are creating multiples. Please note once you get to 10 users we would suggest you create otherwise it can take some time.
  • You can choose to send the email of the created user to anyone you want by changing the Send Passwords to field

The final step is to locate the DNS records you will have to change to setup delivery. To do this:
  • Click on the Services Menu and go to Mailboxes
  • On the left hand side menu select Resources
  • Your MX and autodiscover records will be shown here

Please note After completing this you will need to contact to setup your Office365 tenant.
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