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Backup365 Management

Last Updated: Sep 01, 2017 09:16AM AEST
The Management tab will display all your customers who have had Backup365 provisioned for them.
You can select at the top to backup all of your customers (all mailboxes underneath each customer) automatically, this will include any new customers that are created with Office365, Business365 or MPexchange. Please note that you are not able to turn this option off if you select it.

You can search for Customers by entering the Customer Name in the header row on the far left. Below that it will show you the amount of mailboxes Backup365 has found for each Customer, the number of mailboxes you have enabled and the most recent Backup.
If you would like all current and future mailboxes to backup you can click the last column called Auto, this will only happen for the Customers you have selected.

To choose individual mailboxes to backup for a Customer or manage/restore a backup, click on the hyperlinked Customer name. You can search by Display Name or Email address in the top row.
This will show what service they have as well as the status of the backup. The Status Column will show the following entries:
  • Enabled – everything is good and at least one backup is ready to restore
  • Disabled – not chosen to backup or an error with the backup
  • Validating – Verifying connection to the Customers account
  • Validation Failed – Could not complete verification to Customers account
  • Initial Sync – First backup of the mailbox is currently running

Clicking on the hyperlinked Display name will show you details about that accounts backup, such as when the first backup was completed, when the most recent backup was done, the number of items within the backup and the size.

To restore a backup, select the day from the Date drop down next to the Restore button. Once you have selected the day it will restore the data to the persons mailbox in a new folder called [Resotred] Backup Data. Please note that the Restore will be the final one from that day.
You can see any restores that have been done by clicking the History button.
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