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Soonr Glossary

Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016 11:40AM AEDT
Soonr Workplace
Describes the Soonr service in its entirety.
Soonr Workplace Folder
The folder created on the local drive of the computer that contains the synchronised folder and files from the associated Soonr account.
Soonr Workplace Online
The web-based, graphic user interface whereby users can access their Soonr Workplace.
Soonr Workplace Desktop Agent
The software installed on the computer that is responsible for synchronising data between the local drive and the Soonr Cloud. This may also be referred to as ‘Soonr Desktop Agent’ or ‘Desktop Agent’.
Soonr Workplace Mobile App
The Soonr application designed specifically for the various mobile platforms, providing access to the Soonr Workplace.
A top-level folder within the Soonr Workplace. A Project is the primary container for all the folders and files that are synchronised by the Soonr service. Projects create the basic organisational structure to store data and control user access.
Any user with a Soonr account and the ability to be allocated storage within the Soonr environment.
A restricted user with a named Soonr account. Connections do not have Storage Quota allocated to them, they cannot create Projects, and they cannot see all Members and Connections on the Team.
A collection of Members and/or Connections. Groups can be Share Recipients, thus making sharing simpler and more convenient.
An entity, usually a company, which subscribes to the Soonr service. A Team is made up of Members and Connections.
A user-created note attached to a Project, folder, or file.  Comments are a mechanism for collaboration and remain associated with the Project, folder or file, allowing for an easy overview of conversation relating to the Project, folder or file.
An automated message to alert specified users of a particular event.  Notifications are a mechanism for collaboration.
Public Link
A URL that allows users that do not have a named Soonr account to access a Project, folder, or file within the Soonr Workplace.
Team Link
A URL to a Project, folder, or file that Members can use for direct access.
An attribute on a Project, folder, or file to make identification easier.  When a user marks a file as a ‘Favorite’, it is synchronised to their mobile device/s.
Permissions set on a Project, folder, or file which determine the level of access extended to specified users and Groups.
Share Recipient
The user or group to which permission to a Project, folder, or file has been granted.
A computing device that has access to Soonr Workplace, including both mobile devices and computers.
Quota (or Storage Quota)
The amount of storage space allocated to an individual Member.
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